Dissensus seeks to understand why some disagreements are so intractable and what we can do to make them more productive. We translate theoretical research on disagreement and reasoning into practical strategies that busy people can use to confront the challenges that we all face when we try to have reasoned disagreements. Dissensus is housed at Cal State Fullerton.

We hope this website will be especially useful to those who are responsible for shaping our disagreement culture.

You will find the following resources on this site:

Disagreement Compendium entries provide short, to the point summaries of disagreement research. We are adding new entries all the time, so check back regularly.

Teaching Resources include guided practice exercises, model disagreements for analysis, and practical strategies of analyzing arguments that teachers can alongside any textbook.

Dissensus Online Coursework provides a syllabus for self-guided study that will take you on a tour through our sites content and get you up to speed on research that matters when it comes to disagreement.

Dissensus hosts in person workshops and events too. Contact Patrick Ryan at pryan@fullerton.edu with inquiries.